Frank Reynoso

Regional Inner City Coordinator

Frank Reynoso has been involved in ministry for over 23 years, including nine years as FCA’s Central Florida’s Urban Director and also as a critical part of FCA’s team supporting the establishment of FCA in New York City. In September 2015, he was named Regional Inner City Coordinator where his responsibilities in New York City’s five boroughs will broaden to include hiring and overseeing a director for New York City and area representatives for each of the boroughs.
After growing up in the Bronx and living a life of gangs, drugs and crime, Reynoso relocated to Orlando, FL where he accepted Christ in 1991 and began street ministry in Orlando’s inner city as a part of Answer to Life Ministries. He then co-founded Choice Ministries, a jail ministry where he served as the chaplain for the Orlando County Juvenile Detention Center and directed multiple juvenile delinquent programs for nine years. While serving as the youth pastor at Shining Light Bible Church from 1996-1999, he went on to become an ordained minister. From 1999 to 2005 he served as campus pastor for the teen-focused House of Hope.
Reynoso is excited about his new role in his hometown: “My ministry has been about sharing with young people the pain and the destruction that I went through as a young man in the city. It’s emotional for me being back in the land where I was raised not knowing Christ — and now half my life later proclaiming Him. Even though the city is a better place to live now than it was when I was a kid, it’s still a big city where people get lost and they need the love of God. ”

Reynoso and his wife, Agnes, have a daughter and reside in Orlando. Along with FCA, both work with Body of One Ministries, where he serves as lead pastor. A lover of all sports and a good story, Reynoso typically reads a book a week and enjoys watching movies and attending the theatre.