The Coaches League aims to engage and encourage coaches through the sport of basketball. Our mission is to build key relationships and experience joy together both on and off the court as we share the Gospel message with coaches.

The league consists of an organized 3-on-3 basketball game that will span 5-weeks from 6-9:30 p.m. on Monday nights.

NYC-FCA 3 on 3 Basketball Coaches League

The games were action-packed yesterday! Sweat was dripping and jerseys were soaked while the shouts of “box out!”, “switch!” and “attack the basket!” could be heard from all around.

That’s what happens when you get a group of coaches together to play a game that they love!

Before we hit the field, our Coaches League had the chance to sit in the bleachers and listen to Pastor Frank while he shared a message about deepening our walk with the Lord. Today, I received an encouraging phone call from a coach and pastor who plays in the league and who had recruited another coach to come and play on the team.

“The coach I invited is an agnostic who happens to coach with Cardinal Hayes,” he said. “We have been friends for 20 years, and in that time, I have been praying for his soul. Yesterday, for the first time, he said, ‘I keep hearing a noise to GO DEEPER. Can you help me to make sense of that noise?’ I believe these meaningful spaces are pushing people in the direction of Jesus.”

These conversations are what the Coaches League is all about; creating spaces to point others to Jesus Christ.

NYC-FCA Basketball Schedule

Week 3 – 10/15/18

6:45PM (4) I Can Do Better V’s (2) Bad Boy’s
7:45PM (3) Team Spark V’s (1) Young Life Harlem

6:45PM (7) All City V’s (5) MBCY
7:45PM (8) NYC Skillz V’s (6) Funsport

Week 4 – 10/22/18

Playoff Games


Week 5 – 10/29/18
6:45PM Playoff Game
7:45PM Championship

Game Rules

– Pro-Rules
– Shoot around and free play is from 6:00 – 6:40 pm. All are welcome
– Everything is cleared at the 3 Point line EVERY CHANGE OF POSSESSION this includes steals
– Each player gets 6 fouls each
– On the sixth team foul of each half, the team is in the bonus and one free throw will be awarded
– Scoring team retains possession
– Two 20-minute halves running time, except the last minute of the 2nd half.
– 2 timeouts per halves, they don’t carry over
– Overtime, play to 5, first person to 5 wins, each team receives 1 more timeout in overtime

Games Rules Cont’d

– If your team forfeits they are responsible to pay a ref fee of $30. The money must be paid before the next game in order to play
– If you get a technical foul and are out of the game you will be responsible for paying a $10 fine before the next game.
– Game time is 6:45 pm and 7:45pm. You have a 15-minute grace period to get there. Each minute thereafter is a point to the other team.
– You can start a game with 2 players
– If a player is fouled attempting a shot and it goes in, the foul is recorded but no foul shot given. If the shot does not go in, one foul shot will be given
– Scoring: shots from inside the 3 point line = 1 point. Foul shots = 1 point. Outside the 3-point line = 2 points
– Please refrain from foul language

Interested in Volunteering

For more information about volunteering, please contact:

Manny Maldonado
Cell phone: 917-207-2654

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