Get Involved

In Judges 7, God challenged Gideon to choose an army of 300 people to attack the Midianites. God didn’t want the army to be any larger “or else Israel might brag: ‘I did it myself.” (Judges 7:2). We believe God wants to again do a great work through a faithful few. FCA is praying God will raise up an army of people to serve and impact coaches and athletes in New York City.

Below are our goals for the coming year:

Raise UP
Athlete Leaders

Elementary, middle, high school, college or pro athletes interested in representing Christ to their teams, and competing to honor God through their lives on and off the field.

Join a growing fellowship of other like-minded athletes.


The most influential position in sports is the coach. Are you a Christian in that influential position?

Join us for:

  • Chaplain partnerships
  • Coaches Bible studies
  • Impacting your team
  • Attending camps and tournaments.
We need
Board Members

FCA is recruiting board members to serve on the boards in each of the five boroughs and Long Island.

Board members provide:

  • Encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Leadership

Secure an Area Director, Area Representatives, Administrators and Coordinators for New York City.


Volunteers provide:

  • Chaplains, intercessors, Event Coordinators, Referees, Community Liaisons.
  • Individuals committed to praying for the needs of NYC coaches and athletes on a daily basis.

* Prayer requests will be communicated through Twitter and email.

New York City is a big place where people get lost and they need the love of God. FCA is using the platform of sports as the tool to reach our next generation of leaders in all five boroughs of New York City. Dr. Billy Graham says, “A coach has more influence on a child in a single season, than a pastor can have in a lifetime.” FCA-NYC is here to serve and influence the city for Jesus Christ through the vehicle of sports. It is our goal to have NYC serve as a model for inner city ministry.